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4 Tips to Successfully Host a Garage Sale Before Moving

A garage sale is a great way to cut down on the volume of items you’ll need to move. You will get rid of unnecessary objects such as books you will never read or unwanted clothes, and...>>


5 Time-Saving Tips to Get Your Yard Showcase Ready

A neglected yard can show a lack of caring and can really turn off potential buyers. After all, most people tend to avoid buying a property that requires updates they might have to do...>>


How Pavement and Interlock Can Improve the Listing of Your House

Winter is over and it might have affected the general appearance of your driveway. With time, rain and ice can increase the cracks in your pavement and make it unattractive. If your...>>


How to Take Advantage of the Spring to Start Your Home Search

Spring does not only mark the peak season for warm temperatures and flowers; it is also the blooming season for the real estate market. But is it really the best moment to afford a home?...>>


Top 10 Must See in the National Capital

I can never say it often enough: Canada is a wonderful country. And with that being said, I am proud to be able to live in the national capital. After all, it is a beautiful city with a...>>


5 Questions You Should Always Ask When Buying a House in Winter

The cold season can be the perfect opportunity to find the house of your dreams. In fact, it can actually be cheaper, easier and more convenient since most sellers are motivated to close...>>


Is Buying a House During the Holidays to Your Advantage?

Dealing with family dinners and the cold weather might let you believe that hunting for a new home during this time of the year is not a good idea. However, if you are motivated and have...>>

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