You will soon be moving, and you don’t want to make your job heavier by carrying things that you no longer need. So, the time has come to have a garage sale to lighten your load. You can then get rid of your surpluses while recovering a few dollars which are welcome with all the expenses that a move can generate. The following article will give you 4 tips to make your garage sale a real success.


Tip 1: Check municipal bylaws

First, the first thing to do is to find out about the regulations in force in your municipality concerning this type of activity. Some cities and municipalities do not impose permits or specific measures for holding garage sales and others require it. In some cases, there are specific days of the year when a permit is not required. It is therefore very important to find out about the rules in force in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when the day comes. In all cases, avoid excessive noise or installations encroaching on public grounds. If you rent, don’t forget to ask your landlord for permission to hold a garage sale in their yard or on their land. This way, you will avoid several problems that could harm your landlord-tenant relationship.


Tip 2: Choose what to sell and at what price

Before starting your sales, take the time to inventory and sort your items. Check if objects are broken or no longer work or are downright dangerous. Avoid selling items in poor condition. This will save you from returns or unhappy customers. Once the inventory and sorting is complete, classify the items by category (clothing, furniture, dishes, toys, sporting goods, etc.) or by price. The choice is yours. This ranking will make it easier for you when setting up your inventory and it will allow you to get an idea of ​​the value of the items you want to sell. To assign a price to an object, you can go to see the comparable on the web. Also avoid prices that are too high for “sentimental” reasons. Also, label the items, in addition to being a good reminder during the day, you will make shopping easier for potential buyers. Also try to avoid complicated prices and favour rounded amounts such as $0.50, $1, $5, etc. Flexibility and openness to negotiation are always required. Haggling is one of the little pleasures of garage sales!


Tip 3: Pick the best time

Choosing the right time to hold your garage sale is a key aspect of your success. Summer is obviously the ideal season for garage sales. Also opt for weekends to allow people who are usually on vacation to come to your event. Also avoid dates that coincide with the holding of another major event in your municipality. You risk reducing your chances of having traffic. Finally, have fun and smile.

Garage sales are also an opportunity to socialize and have fun!