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7 Home Improvements That Add a Modern Touch to Your Home

Whether you want to sell or upgrade your house for yourself, it is often hard to know where to start. According to your budget and needs, here are 7 home improvements that will add a...>>


Snow on your roof: signs you should never ignore

When there are unusually high snow accumulations, you need to be more vigilant about the snow on your roof especially if yours is flat. This is particularly important if you experience...>>


5 Smart-Home Upgrades to Make Your House Stand Out and Sell Faster

So you’re planning to sell your house, but you’re not sure if your property will stand out in the current market. Most realtors will advise you to give a fresh coat of paint and tame...>>


5 Questions You Should Always Ask When Buying a House in Winter

The cold season can be the perfect opportunity to find the house of your dreams. In fact, it can actually be cheaper, easier and more convenient since most sellers are motivated to close...>>


Top 6 Activities to Do in the Nation's Capital During the Holidays

With the lack of sun due to the short days, Winter is sometimes quite depressing. However, if you have the chance to live in Ottawa, there are so many activities to do that you might end...>>


5 Tasks Home Sellers Must Do After the First Snow Fall

  Winter is a challenging season to sell a property. Preparing your home is important and it takes much more than a simple “For Sale” sign and a few pictures online. Before you...>>


5 Tricks to Illuminate Your House During Darker Evenings

As the days get shorter during fall and winter, we see less and less sunlight. Lighting is truly everything. It affects not only the ambience and design, it also affects the mood of a...>>

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