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How to Disinfect Everything Thoroughly: COVID-19 Home Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning has taken on an entirely new meaning this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, homeowners are anxious to apply as much elbow grease as necessary to keep...>>


Coronavirus : what impact might it have on the housing market?

As the snow and ice continue to melt here in Ottawa, typically we’d be ramping up for the hottest season in real estate. Yet just like so many other industries and businesses, the...>>


Spring Cleaning: Top 3 Things to Do to Increase Your Property's Value & Sell Faster

Not another spring cleaning checklist, please! Nope, this isn’t your typical post about why it’s important to spring clean and where to start - we know that if your home is on the...>>


Sell, keep or toss: things you should get rid of before moving

Moving is the perfect time to get rid of things that you don’t need, don’t want, and downright don’t like anymore! Even if you consider yourself a master perger or minimalist and...>>


5 Proven Tips to Successfully List Your House This Winter

Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely possible to sell your home during the winter in Ottawa. It just takes a few extra steps to make your listing stand out, and your open houses...>>


Are real estate agents still relevant nowadays?

In today’s connected world with web savvy home-sellers and buyers, the way we “do real estate” is forever changed. But has the internet rendered real estate agents obsolete? Quite...>>


15 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts That People Actually Want

Whether you’re going for something practical, unique or a luxury item that we don’t often splurge on for ourselves, putting some thought behind your housewarming gift will help you...>>

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