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How do you choose a good tenant?

As a landlord, one of your main concerns is most likely finding good tenants for your housing units. Choosing a tenant for your property can be difficult, especially if you are a...>>


Real Estate market forecast for 2023

Every year, the question arises, what is the forecast for the real estate market in the coming months? In 2023, the question is even more relevant since we have experienced great...>>


5 tips to brighten your home on darker evenings

As the days get shorter in the fall and winter, the sun becomes shier. Lighting makes a big difference. It not only impacts the design of rooms, but also the ambiance of a space by...>>


Should I have my house inspected before selling?

It is easy to think that a home inspection is up to the buyer, but it can be a very good idea to take care of this step-in order to avoid many surprises. Even if these small...>>


6 mistakes first-time home buyers make

When the time is right, buying a home is one of the best decisions you can make. However, mistakes can be made. Here are six common mistakes first-time home buyers make that should be...>>


Renting or buying: 5 things to know

You are about to make a difficult decision: should you rent a house or buy one? At one time or another, most people will think of these two options. Is buying a house always the best...>>


3 tips for a successful garage sale before moving

You will soon be moving, and you don't want to make your job heavier by carrying things that you no longer need. So, the time has come to have a garage sale to lighten your load. You can...>>

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