15 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts That People Actually Want
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15 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts That People Actually Want

Whether you’re going for something practical, unique or a luxury item that we don’t often splurge on for ourselves, putting some thought behind your housewarming gift will help you nail it every time!

Here are 15 of our favourite, most thoughtful housewarming gifts that people actually want!

Practical Housewarming Gifts that People Will Love

1. Bucket load of DIY tools. 
Oh, there are so many little tools new homeowners will need when moving into their new space. 
photo credit: MarthaStewartLiving.com

2. Welcome mat.
Help the new homeowners to welcome their guests and keep the mess from added traffic at the door! 
photo credit: cosmopolitan.com

3. Watering can.
Everyone gives plants as housewarming gifts (except you, wink wink). A funky watering can makes a fun and practical housewarming gift that will remind busy new homeowners to feed their flora!
Photo credit: http://www.home-designing.com

4. Personalized tray.
A personalized tray makes a great housewarming gift. Trays that double as charcuterie boards are especially trendy right now.
Photo credit: https://www.personalcreations.com

5. Laundry basket.
Who wants to use their old laundry basket when they move into a fresh new house? Not your friends and family. Go on, splurge a little on the good stuff!
Photo credits: asouthernbucket.com (left), julieblanner.com (right)

Unique Housewarming Gifts that People Will Love

6. Funny tea towels
Taking extra time to choose tea towels that reflect the personality of the new homeowners will make this practical housewarming gift even more appreciated. Offering to help clean up after the housewarming party goes a long way, too!
Photo credit: https://www.housebeautiful.com

7. Custom painting
Capture the way their home looks when they move in with a custom painting. May we suggest hiring a local artist if you’re a little short in the art department?!
Photo credit. bhg.com

8. Bread warming wrap.
Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like warm bread. And who’s got room to store another basket?
Photo credit: https://www.housebeautiful.com

9. Magazine holder
A cool magazine rack to help friends and family keep down clutter makes a nice housewarming gift. Gifting them a subscription to their fav rag to be sent to their new address? Mind-blowingly thoughtful!
Photo credit: designswan.com

10.  Recipe journal.
Break the ice by jotting down your favourite recipe to give it a personal touch. Include your phone number to increase your chances of a dinner invitation!
Photo credit: ca.moleskine.com

Luxurious Housewarming Gifts that People Will Love

11. Wine decanter.
A stylish decanter is sure to help new homeowners play host to their guests with pride. Add your fav bottle of red to give it that extra something special. 
Photo credit: wineenthusiast.com

12.  Wireless speaker.
The gift of a plug-and-play music system makes a great housewarming gift - who knows where the music player, stereo and cables were packed before the move!
Photo credit: sonos.com 

13. Floor reading lamp.
Having time to sit back and read might seem like a distant dream to new homeowners. Help them get there faster with a luxurious floor reading lamp. Want to make it more personal? Throw in your favourite book, cozy blanket and gift basket of teas.
Photo credit: wayfare.ca

14.  Towel warmer.
Toasty towels.  ‘Nuff said.
Photo credit: mariegalerie.com

15. Quirky home furnishings.
Inject loads of personality by choosing quirky and unique furniture pieces and accessories as housewarming gifts. Your friends and family will be delighted that you’ve splurged for them while they’re settling into their new space.
Photo credit: http://masakan-ku.me (left) hfoc.com.au (right)