4 Ways to Sell Your Home Using Seasonal Decorations
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4 Ways to Sell Your Home Using Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decoration can add charm and value to your property. Whether it’s fall or winter time, there are many ways you can attract buyers with accent colours and clever accessories. However, when done poorly, decorations can be a distraction for potential buyers.

Stay away from odd colour schemes and use Pinterest wisely. Staged homes should be appealing and impress visitors. Everything should be perfectly arranged and comfortably set. Get ready to sell your home fast by following my best tips to show off your property at its very best this fall.

Avoid Halloween Decorations

Stay on the safe side by decorating your property accordingly to the season rather than the holiday. This will not only give you fewer chances to get the buyers offended, it will allow you to keep up the decor up to date even after October 31. Try to keep it classy and coordinated. After all, less is more!

Let There Be Light

Shorter days and longer nights mean that you’ll need to step up your lighting game. As mentioned in my past blog post 5 Tricks to Illuminate Your House During Darker Evenings, try to have as much multiple lighting sources as possible. Try to let as much natural light as well.

Lanterns and candles are perfect for each new season. You can always change the candle colour to make it fit with the surrounding decor. Fairy lights are also a very good idea to create a great ambient scene.

Make Your Home Cozy

When temperatures start cooling, there’s nothing better than pillows! Plus, seasonal patterns can add a sense of warmth and style within any space. In the living room or bedroom, add stylish blankets draped over the couch or benches. Linen and velvet are particularly appreciated during this time of the year.

Spice It Up!

Add some colourful accessories such as a bowl of Potpourri, pumpkins or squash. They come in all shapes, colours and size. Having a good aroma of spiced apples, coffee and cinnamon is also a great idea. You can accomplish this by simply fill a mason jar with star anise and dried fruit and by switching your hand soaps to anything with an apple or pumpkin scent.

While adding pop of colours can appeal, remember not to negatively distract the visitors and make sure that your decor is harmonious. A simple decorative plate filled with pomegranates can brighten up your kitchen counter. Stick to basic and sophisticated decor. Get inspired with decorating magazines.

On that note, I hope you got enough inspiration in order to balance professionalism and coziness. Do not forget to read my other blog posts and to follow me on Facebook to stay tune for more coming up.