5 Proven Tips to Successfully List Your House This Winter
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5 Proven Tips to Successfully List Your House This Winter

Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely possible to sell your home during the winter in Ottawa. It just takes a few extra steps to make your listing stand out, and your open houses pop. And really, when you take into consideration the fact that there’s less competition during the so-called “off season” for real estate, going the extra mile can make your home irresistible to potential buyers. 

Here are 5 proven tips to successfully list and sell your house this winter with surprisingly simple and easy-to-do tactics that will see you on your way to SOLD!

Embrace the best of the season

One thing that spring/summer sellers never highlight is how warm and cozy their home feels during winter. To create opportunities for all the senses to experience the best of winter indoors, buyers, try these simple things to showcase your home during winter:

  • Stage a cozy chair with a book, blankets, tea and slippers
  • Place a warm robe and candles near the bath
  • Offer freshly-baked cookies, pumpkin muffins, or hot cocoa and apple cider for open house visitors
  • Add warm, plush floor mats in the washroom, bedroom and living room
  • Have a full box of facial tissues open in the washrooms (with empty waste bins, of course) as guests might have sniffly noses coming in from the cold
  • Build a snowman in the front yard to welcome guests to remind them that they have a lifetime of memories to make in their new home

Get the entrance winter ready

Inside and out, remember that you’ve got meer seconds to make the all important first impression for potential buyers. Make sure that they feel safe, welcome, and know exactly where to put their boots and coats so that they can feel right at home during your winter open house. 

  • Place a fabulous mat outside the front door and inside the entry
  • Provide an empty and meticulously clean boot tray in the entrance
  • Load a charming basket with several pairs of all-purpose, general use slippers with a sign welcoming buyers to use the slippers while they view your home
  • Stock your front closet with empty coat hangers or set up a hall tree so that guests don’t have to wear their winter coats during the viewing
  • Shovel. Sweep. Repeat.

Turn up the heat!

The longer you can keep potential buyers in your home, the more connected to the space they will feel. Make your property warm and inviting. Literally!

  • Set the thermostat a couple of degrees higher to offset the number of times the front door, patio door and even windows will be opened by visiting real estate agents and buyers
  • Clean your furnace filter and place the maintenance sticker in a visible spot 
  • Vacuum and wipe down all HVAC floor, wall and ceiling vents or electric floorboard heating units
  • Turn on the heated floor
  • Fire up your gas or electric fireplace and leave a note beside the remote with simple operating instructions

Point out your summer charm

Buyers will want to know what your property looks and feels like all year round. In addition to your listing photos (which ideally are shot during a sunny summer day), here are ways to point out all the summer charm that your house offers to potential winter buyers.

  • Open all curtains and remove screens to allow extra light into rooms
  • Replace cooler, efficient light bulbs with bulbs with a warmer “summer” glow
  • Turn on all lights, even appliances and closets
  • Brighten dark corners and rooms with spotlights behind furniture
  • Shovel outdoor living spaces and stage summer furniture if possible
  • Display images or a digital silde-show to highlight what your property offers in warmer weather

Take your visitors seriously

Because the weather keeps Canadians indoors and the fact that there are fewer homes on the market during the winter, there will be a higher proportion of serious buyers over fair-weather looky-loos attending your winter open house. Motivated buyers will feel the sense of urgency that scarcity causes, and they won’t want to let their dream home get away by waiting until the spring/summer hoards are back in action.

There is no “off season” for us. If you have questions or concerns about listing your house for sale this winter, rest assured that the Bob Blake team works year round for our buyers and sellers. Please do reach out to start the conversation!