5 Smart-Home Upgrades to Make Your House Stand Out and Sell Faster
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5 Smart-Home Upgrades to Make Your House Stand Out and Sell Faster

So you’re planning to sell your house, but you’re not sure if your property will stand out in the current market. Most realtors will advise you to give a fresh coat of paint and tame the shrubs, but today’s home buyers are expecting a little more than that.

With so many millennials now investing in real estate, having a few smart-home updates will potentially help to generate a wave of offers and to take your traditional home to the next level.

1. Digital Doorbell

Video Doorbell adds not only a sense of security to any home, it also adds to the curb appeal. These bell-camera combos can be connected to a smartphone or any other smart devices to allow you see and speak to who’s ringing. They work in the dark and even record footage before the bell is rung.

They immediately add value and huge return on the investment and will probably motivate those tech-savvy buyers looking for modern and smarter homes.

2. Door Lock

Of course, another good way to add security to your home’s entrance and add value is to install a smart lock. This is the perfect opportunity to give the best first impression to buyers since the first thing they see will probably be the front door.

3. Smart Lighting System

An automated smart lighting system is definitely a good investment. All you need to do is to replace the incandescent light bulbs with LEDs and then install a system where everything can be controlled via a tablet or a smart phone. This will generate a higher return on investment, but it also means you can advertise to potential buyers about those monthly energy-bill savings.

4. Smoke Detectors

Give your future home’s owners some peace of mind with a smart smoke/CO detector. Those send alerts to a smart device such as your phone if they detect smoke and will also tell you when the battery is leaning low.

Everyone wants to know that their new home is safe and secure, and this gadget and surely provide that reassurance. They can also identify the exact location of smoke or fire in a house.

5. Thermostats

It is absolutely possible to upgrade your home without breaking the bank with a smart thermostat. There are plenty of smart features that will help you to adjust and control the temperature wherever you are.

With a relatively small investment you may speed the sale of your home and differentiate your home for no more than $1000. It is an amazing way to stage your property and impress potential buyers.

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