5 Tasks Home Sellers Must Do After the First Snow Fall
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5 Tasks Home Sellers Must Do After the First Snow Fall


Winter is a challenging season to sell a property. Preparing your home is important and it takes much more than a simple “For Sale” sign and a few pictures online. Before you put your house on the market, make sure to follow some simple maintenance tips after the first snow fall!

1. Keep up the Yard and Walkways

Whether you still live inside your property or not, you have to make sure that the landscaping is clean and nice looking to attract the potential home buyers. After all, nobody wants a house with a poor maintained exterior. In fact, winter home sales take time and work and this is why you definitely do not want to neglect the landscape.

Consider to prune your bushes and shrubs during the cold months and give your garden a visual makeover! It does not mean that because there might not be any flowers, that it shouldn’t look good. Clean it up, mow your lawn and do not leave fallen leaves.

Use your patio furniture wisely to highlight how the space could be used to other visitors and sweep off other features such as the pool area or fountains.

2. Add Lighting

Days get shorter and light becomes more and more rare. Lighting both your home’s exterior and interior are extremely important. Do not leave your house in the dark. This is not only a good add-up, it is a necessity.

A lack of light is a big turn off for most buyers so take the time to get some new lamps and maybe some candles too.

3. Service Your Heating System

This might not seem fun to do, but your heating system needs attention too. If you have a chimney, be sure to have it inspected and cleaned. Replace the filters in your home’s furnace if you haven’t done it yet in the last few months. Clean the gutters and check the roof as this can be a dangerous domino effect.

It will be examined during the home inspection so you probably want to do it before putting your property on the market. Water can damage ceilings and walls and if a buyer sees it, it can be a terrible first impression.

4. Make Your Home Welcoming

Your rooms should appear cozy and inviting. Decorate your interior with neutral tones. Also, remember that winter decorations are fine, but avoid to decorate your house like a Christmas tree. You want your home to be elegant and warm.

If needed, consider painting your walls too. For instance, a neutral grey colour is way more attractive for buyers than a bright red wall. In fact, this is not about you and your preferences, but most likely to help visitors visualize themselves in the home.

5. Find a Real Estate Agent

Last and not least, hiring a real estate agent will not only save you time and money, it will allow you to get a lot of advice and tips from a professional that knows the market very well. To find an experienced agent, contact Bob Blake now.