5 Tricks to Illuminate Your House During Darker Evenings
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5 Tricks to Illuminate Your House During Darker Evenings

As the days get shorter during fall and winter, we see less and less sunlight. Lighting is truly everything. It affects not only the ambience and design, it also affects the mood of a space by completely improving the whole look of your interiors.

We go to work before sunrise and we are not coming back until it is dark outside. Once you get home, you might feel tired and miss the summer. Fortunately, there are some tricks that can help you illuminating your house during darker evenings in order to make you feel better.

1. Flexibility

For practical and aesthetic purposes, you ideally want to have multiple lighting options. After all, each space require different levels of light according to the atmosphere you want to create. If possible, try to have at least three types of light sources that you can control easily in each room.

This means you can easily turn on the lamps as you wish according to your mood and the darker days. If you can, get a wall switch to control the intensity of the lights in the room.

Also, knowing the ceiling height is extremely important when selecting hanging light fixtures. In fact, some lights have adjustable cables while others don’t. This is something you definitely want to consider because you don’t want to get stuck with a light that is either too low or too high.

Ideally, the bottom light should hang about 12 to 20 inches below a standard 8-foot ceiling. Add every additional foot of the ceiling, add 3 inches. If the plan to hang a light over a table or a kitchen island, the recommended distance is 28 to 34 inches. Also consider the size of the light according to the size of surface.

That being said, there are many other ways to add some lighting such as wall sconces, bedside lamps or down light. So don’t limit yourself.

2. Reflect the Light

Placing a lamp in front of a mirror can create a great difference. Introduce glass or metallic surfaces to bounce the daylight that comes through the window and the lights during night.

This can be accomplished with glass elements such as a translucent vase or metallic accessories. This could also be a gloss-painted floor or ceiling. It could be as simple as a mirror furniture. The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create. If possible, hang your mirror across from the window to let the most natural light.

3. Choose the Right Shade

If you think painting your walls pure white is a good idea, you might want to think twice. It might just appear lifeless and boring instead of creating a light and bright room. Opt instead for a gentle recessive colours such as gray or pale blue. Your room will look bigger and lighter.

Personalize the space with pop of colours and textures in accessories and furniture. However, don’t go too wild and save bold and dark colours for your bigger sunny spaces.

4. Use Candles

Winter is coming and it is time to relax and feel cozy. You might also want to reduce the levels of artificial lights in your home. Why not using candles then? They are warm and they smell good! The flame itself can create a romantic and welcoming decor.

For a total peace of mind, you could always place candles in metal lanterns which are extremely trendy at the moment. Use candles with multiple wicks as the flames will produce more light. This is definitely a great alternative to your main light.

5. Fairy Lights

Instead of only using them for your Christmas tree, why don’t you hang them on the window frames to create a magical ambient scene. Possibilities are infinite and they will create a wonderful look! They have become an increasingly popular trend and will enhance your interior easily.

Remember that lighting is a big aspect of your home that you should always consider. Lights create the perfect atmosphere and it sets the mood. Be creative and bright up the rooms of your house. Lack of sunlight can be hard so try to take it easy. After all, the colder season is the perfect time to stay cozy and warm at home while drinking a hot cider.