7 Things to Focus on Before the Snow Is Completely Gone
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7 Things to Focus on Before the Snow Is Completely Gone

If you’re like most Canadians, chances are that your home is one of your biggest investments. Therefore, you should take care of your property through the years especially after winter because the cold temperature might have caused some hidden damages. In fact, Spring is an excellent time to clean up your house and inspect it. Here are 7 things you will definitely want to focus on before snow melts completely.

1. Roof

Harsh winters can cause water damages to your roof due to ice dams and snow build up. High winds can dislodge shingles so make sure none of them are torn off or missing. As we head into the spring, you should check around your house for any spots on your ceiling and walls because they could be signs of leaking.

Do not forget to inspects the gutters as clogged gutters can eventually cause a roof to leaf. It is recommended to clean them at least twice a year.

2. Trees

Your house is not the only element that can be affected by the cold temperature. If your property has any trees, you should inspect them by a certified arborist in order to see if some of them have some kind of illness or dead branches. You should also consider getting your trees trimmed to prevent any type of damage and keep them healthy.

3. Driveway

Cracks are common after the cold winter months and you might need to repave your driveway to fix those issues and prevent additional damage. Small cracks can create large cracks by collecting the water which is why you should definitely take care of your asphalt.

4. Chimney

Chimneys need a regular checkup even if you might not regularly use your fireplace. Why? Because chimneys carry dangerous gases and form creosote which could be very harmful if not cleaned properly. Spring is the perfect time to take care of your chimney and clean it up. You should inspect your fireplace annually

Carefully look at the chimney area and any ventilation pipes for deterioration. If you ever find damages or if you feel uncomfortable doing the inspection yourself, you should contact a professional.

5. Windows & Doors

Check your window and door glass, frames and hardware. Winter can create a moisture build up which you really want to avoid since too much moisture could stain your window seal and frames, and even rot the wood frames.

To avoid these issues, make sure to regularly clean them by vacuuming and washing the dirt out of the vinyl, frames, screens and seals. Windows and doors are very important and you should protect your investment by keeping them clean.

6. Foundation

If you see cracks in the concrete of your foundation, you have to be careful because it could expand when the temperature drops down. This could cause major structural issues if you do not take care of if. It is important to have your foundation professionally assessed to save your basement from flooring or to stay away from major damage to your home.

7. Paint

The exterior paint of your property is important and protects your shingles from water damage and rot. For this reason, you may need to do a touch-up or apply a fresh new coat. This job should be accomplished during summer, but you might want to look at it as soon as possible to plan it out accordingly.


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