Airbnb in Your Property in Ottawa : What You Should Know
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Airbnb in Your Property in Ottawa : What You Should Know

Airbnb is a rental platform that connects people who want to rent their home for short-term travellers. It offers great travel accommodations sites and can help people to save money on their next trip or even earn some with their own property. However, while the overall concept sounds great, Airbnb is no stranger to controversy, it could actually be illegal in the city you’re visiting.

For instance, New York had made illegal to rent an apartment for less than 30 days on Airbnb. Quebec also passed laws against renting properties for short periods of time. Here’s what you should know about about Airbnb in Ottawa.

How does Airbnb work?

The marketplace allows people to rent out their properties or spare rooms to travellers. Airbnb takes 3% commission of every booking and between 6 to 12% from guests. Hosts don’t have to pay to list their properties and they can set their own price on how much they will charge per night, per week or per month. Each listing can include a description, pictures of the rental and a picture of the hosts. There is a wild range of properties on the platform: single rooms, houseboats, condos, houses, etc.

Is Airbnb legal in Ottawa?

Some cities and countries have been cracking down Airbnb usage. Ontario doesn’t have laws forbidding renting your property for short periods of time, but there are a few factors you might want to consider. Ottawa has implemented new taxes for short term rentals. Meanwhile, some condominiums have been changing their rules to disallow individuals from using their units for rental purposes.

How to book a property on Airbnb?

Users are invited to complete their profile on Airbnb before requesting a reservation on the platform. They are then invited to look at different listings that they can pick from. Enter the location, date of stay and the number of people who will occupy the property during the trip. Once you find a place that suits your needs, you’ll be able to read reviews and a description about the place. You’ll then be able to contact the owner and arrange the details of booking.

What are the risks of renting out your property on Airbnb?

While Airbnb can have several advantages for guests, it can be a totally different story for hosts. In fact, many homeowners have experienced legal trouble after renting out their home. Though the platform does provide insurance for unexpected damages, it isn’t necessarily safe for homeowners. By renting out your place, you’re exposing your property to damages or deliberate theft.

What are the advantages of renting out on Airbnb?

Airbnb can be a great source of income depending on your area. If your property is located where there is a high demand, you could make a lot of money. One of the great things about Airbnb is that you can pick up the dates when your property is available and have control on how you get paid.

Airbnb is a good choice to travel on a budget and have a more personal experience. However, it is not perfect yet and you should be careful while using the service.