Are real estate agents still relevant nowadays?
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Are real estate agents still relevant nowadays?

In today’s connected world with web savvy home-sellers and buyers, the way we “do real estate” is forever changed. But has the internet rendered real estate agents obsolete? Quite the contrary. Real estate agents bring skills, experience, training, knowledge, and passion to the table that, when amplified by the power of the internet, continue to provide time and money saving value to our clients that simply can’t be matched by the DIY real estate route.

While the for-sale-by-owner sites seem slick enough to save you time and money, in reality home sellers often find themselves down the Google rabbit hole trying to quickly acquire all of the periphery knowledge that an agent would have brought to the table. We’re talking about expertise and connections in the fields of interior design, landscaping, professional photography, real estate law, marketing, SEO copywriting, negotiating, community networking, mortgage & finance, event planning, room staging, and home inspections, to name a few.

Real estate agents provide a service that comes with a price. And we get it, commission is a pain point for many home buyers and sellers. But consider this. Saving 3-7% on the sale of your house or condo may save you thousands of dollars in commission, but paying that fee to a professional who can expertly advise you on how to increase the value of your property and make sure it is professionally marketed and presented to reflect its true value most often results in a much bigger net profit for you, the seller.

And it’s not only sellers who have major financial gains from working with a real estate agent. Home buyers who do it alone unknowingly put themselves in the position of negotiating with the selling agent that will earn 100% of the sales commission. Why in the world would this opposing agent advocate on your behalf for a lower price? When entering a real estate deal with only one agent at the table, you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the table without representation.

I don’t need an agent to help me find listings, I can search MLS on my own.

Yes, you can. And you’re at the mercy of home-sellers and other agents getting their listings loaded. When you work with a well connected agent, you are tapping into the inside scoop on upcoming properties, relationships with homeowners who have just started flirting with the idea of selling, and our entire network of agents with similar knowledge. MLS listings aren’t entirely LIVE, folks. When you work with a real estate agent, you’re positioning yourself on the fast track.

Why would I pay full commission to an agent when I’m able to do some of the work on my own first?

We’re sad about the shorter relationship, too. And because we acknowledge that you’ve invested your own time into the process, agents are even more motivated to work hard for you.

Real estate agents are still an essential service for many home buyers and home owners who aren’t trained and equipped to navigate through the maze of legal and financial procedures involved in a successful real estate transaction. We have the specialized knowledge, skills, tools and passion to get you the best value for your money.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you work with an amateur or go it on your own. If you change your mind part way through, don’t be shy to give us a call at 613 725-1171

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