Colours That Will Help You Sell Your House
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Colours That Will Help You Sell Your House

Colour is all around us and can greatly impact our moods, emotions and even behaviours. Knowing this, you should consider home staging your home in consequence, as you want to influence potential buyers in a positive way. You would be surprised to see that paint can have a big impact on visitors, as long as you choose the right colours wisely.

1. Kitchen

Homes with blue kitchens, especially soft gray-blue, tend to add value to the house while yellow usually decreases the average selling price. In fact, across the board, light blue is the number one colour that can significantly increase the value of your house. However, don’t go crazy by painting every wall of your property the same colour. In fact, darker shades suit some spaces better such as the dining room and are perfect to create an elegant, yet cozy feeling.

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2. Bathroom

Pale blue is the best-selling hue for the washroom as it is often associated with freshness and cleanness. On the other hand, although white may seem like a good idea, be careful as it can easily bland your bathroom. Try to brighten up the decor with some accessories.


3. Bedroom

Will you be surprised if I tell you that cadet blue is known to grant bedrooms the most? However, hearth tones are also quite popular among buyers. Try to avoid eccentric colours such as pink or orange as it can scare the visitors. Well, selling a house, you should work to depersonalize the decor so people can imagine themselves living there.


4. Living Room

Light beige, pale taupe and oatmeal colours are perfect for living room. They create a calm environment and warm up the interior unlike blue or purple. Chose bright shades in order to brighten up your decor. Don’t forget to check out my tricks to illuminate your house during darker evenings as well.

5. Exterior

As it is usually expensive to change the exterior aspect of your house, know that greige is the perfect colour to sell your house, but that painting your door a different colour could also significantly improve your curb appeal. Dark navy, in particular, or even charcoal adds a beautiful touch for your front door and is very sophisticated.


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