Interview with a passionate real estate agent : Bob Blake!
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Interview with a passionate real estate agent : Bob Blake!

The award winning real estate agent, Bob Blake started his career as a teacher in elementary school, but always had an interest in real estate. Some of the techniques he used and developed over his 15 years of teaching are still used today in his real estate practice. With this interview we want to know a little more about the man behind the real estate agent, and what made his career in this industry become more than a passion.


His keys to success


Find yourself the right partner

‘’For the first three years I ate, slept, and breathed real estate and my personal life was kept to a minimum. I still am convinced that approach will lead to success’’ – Bob Blake. Bob’s Wife, Gail, did and still does everything to support her husband's dreams. The typical work/life balance can lead someone who wants to be successful in a new field, to become overwhelmed when wanting to please everyone. Having someone by your side who understands and helps you achieve your goals is the best way to find a personal balance.

Sell who you are

‘’Teaching is really selling concepts to the kids, but more importantly, selling yourself. Success came when the kids bought me and what I had to say then they bought the concepts I was teaching. I had my eye on working in real estate several years before I left teaching and trusted translating those teaching skills to real estate sales’’ – Bob Blake.


A clean car inside and out shows you pay attention to details


As one of the most devoted real estate agents in Ottawa, the top three skills he learned to achieve his goals are: ‘’1. Be consistent; 2. Listen very carefully; & 3. Drive a clean car inside and out, which doesn’t mean fancy! It means it shows you pay attention to the details and probably will pay attention to the details of your clients’’ – Bob Blake.


Bow Tie Bob’s P’s to the power of the 6


Yes, his colleagues call him Bow Tie Bob, which happens to be his brand! As a source of knowledge for his fellow in real estate, Bob is the person you can go for advice. Always willing to help and share what he knows best.


When it comes to his clients, he knows how stressful the process of buying a house or selling it can be. So, we ask him what's the best advice he can give to his clients to reduce their stress?

‘’For sellers: Bob’s P’s to the power of 6: Pick up, Pack up, Put away, Polish up, Price properly, Patient be.

For buyers: Express as clearly as possible what your needs, and expectations are.

For both: Stay calm!’’ – Bob Blake.


In this interview, we learned more about how entertaining and thoughtful a person Bob is. Being one of our forever clients at, we want to thank Mister Blake for his trust, but also congratulate him and his wife Gail, for their 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Looking for a real estate agent that cares about your needs and dreams in the Ottawa region? Bob Blake is the reference.