Moving During the Covid-19 Pandemic: What You Need to Know
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Moving During the Covid-19 Pandemic: What You Need to Know

With a lot of things being uncertain right now with social distancing, companies closed or operating under restricted circumstances, the public being asked to wear masks when in public and only go out to do necessary tasks, we start to question how we are going to do things that prior to this pandemic seemed pretty straight forward. 

Moving into a new property during this time poses a lot of questions about how to manage the process under current government restrictions and your own personal safety concerns.

    • Is it safe to move during the Coronavirus Pandemic?
    • Are friends and family allowed to help us move during Covid-19?
    • How can movers carry our boxes while physical distancing?

Planning a Move with Friends and Family

If you purchased a property or are facing the end of a lease and need to plan a move right now, you may be wondering how to best manage it. Pre-pandemic, you probably would have recruited as many friends as possible (especially the ones with big trucks and vans) and made a whole day of it, ending in beer and pizza. With some modifications, a version of this could still be your moving day routine. 

If putting together a moving party is still the way you’d like to go, there are a few things you can do to ensure you and your friends and family remain safe. Remember that you can only have 5 people gathered in one spot at a time. Make sure you only ask friends or family who have been self-isolating and are at minimal risk of having been exposed to coronavirus. Buy disposable masks and gloves for everyone to use and ensure you have hand sanitizer available.

Send a Team to Your New Place to Clean

If you are lucky enough to have more than five people that want to help, send a team to your new place with cleaning supplies. Giving your new space a good scrub-down before you move in is a good idea any time, but especially under current circumstances. And when the moving and cleaning is complete, you can still enjoy a social distance pizza and beer party in your new backyard (remember, 2-meter distance)!

Using a Moving Company

Moving companies have been deemed an essential service during the shutdown, so you may choose to use a mover. If you do, make sure you review their website and/or discuss with their representative how they are taking precautions regarding Covid-19. They should be able to clearly and easily explain their policies, which should include increased disinfecting of trucks and equipment, protocols for staff to increase hand-washing and sanitizing throughout the day, and requirements for staff to report symptoms and not report to work if showing any signs of illness, and wearing face masks for added protection. This can be an excellent choice during this uncertain time to help minimize risks to friends and family.

No matter the moving process you choose, it’s very important to protect your safety and the safety of those who will be helping you move. Follow all public health safety guidelines, determine if your moving company is working to protect your safety and the safety of their staff, and you can have a smooth and safe moving day!