Spring Cleaning: Top 3 Things to Do to Increase Your Property's Value & Sell Faster
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Spring Cleaning: Top 3 Things to Do to Increase Your Property's Value & Sell Faster

Not another spring cleaning checklist, please!

Nope, this isn’t your typical post about why it’s important to spring clean and where to start - we know that if your home is on the market or you’re getting ready to list, you’ve already got a handle on where to start and who to call in to help you with the cleaning (afterall, your time and talents are likely better served elsewhere during this busy time).

Instead, we’re here to give you the dirt (pun intended) on the 3 most pressing spring cleaning priorities to help you sell your house quickly for top dollar this spring.

De-Winter De-Clutter

Potential buyers and open house guests will have spring fever and do not want to be reminded of the season of snow and slush that they’ve just suffered through. On top of your regular spring cleaning, if you want to make your house extra appealing to the spring buyer, get rid of all evidence of winter. Everything.


  • Wash and pack up all evidence of winter clothing, boots and accessories
  • Wash or replace front entrance mats
  • Remove all holiday cards and photos on display
  • Pack away “winter comfort” appliances such as crockpots, space heaters, bread makers and replace with blender, cooling fans, etc.


  • Store away all shovels, snow brushes, toboggans, hockey net, etc.
  • Remove and pack away holiday decor
  • Rinse the salt and sand from sidewalk, driveway, front step, bricks around entrance
  • Wash or replace front door mat

Highlight the Light

Making your home lighter and brighter is important for the spring buyer. Before each viewing and leading up to your open house, make sure everything that can possibly shine is sparkling.


  • Shine mirrors, appliances and windows
  • Wash and shine all glassware both on display and in the cupboards
  • Remove and safely store window screens (and if you can’t, wash them well to get rid of all winter dust)
  • Wash drapes and consider replacing with lighter fabrics
  • Clean all light fixtures and lightbulbs
  • Clean every nook and crevice around all windows. Think Q-Tips.
  • Turn books backwards on shelves so that spines face in, and white paper faces out


  • Wipe and shine all light fixtures and bulbs
  • Wash the front door and door jam

Dress for Success

Homebuyers (well everyone, for that matter) are anxious to feel the summer rays again. Create a summery mood inside and out to help potential home buyers imagine what it’ll be like to live in and enjoy their first summer in your home.


  • Purge your fall/winter wardrobe including shoes and accessories and pack it away (with any hope you’ll be moving out before you need it again anyways!)
  • Purge, then launder and fold/hang your spring/summer wardrobe by colour on matching hangers and half full drawers (pack the rest away until after you’ve sold)
  • Replace old magazines with new spring/summer editions
  • Highlight summer serving ware like trays, pitchers, and glasses in your cupboards
  • Splurge on spring/summer flowers on open house day


  • Wash and repaint any faded patio furniture or play equipment
  • Clean and stage all patio fabrics including cushions, umbrellas, table clothes, etc.
  • Clean your gardens early and plant pre-potted spring flowers the day before open house

By thinking a little differently about your spring cleaning checklist this year as you get ready to sell your home, you will set the mood for home-buyers and get them excited about making an offer and moving in before summer.