You just moved into your new home: what to prioritize?
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You Just Moved into Your New Home: What to Prioritize?

Moving into a new house can both be a source of excitement and stress. Proper planning and organization are required whether it is your first or fifth home in order to simplify the moving process. Although the first days in a new property can often be overwhelming, there are ways to make you feel at home quicker than you’d think.

1. Clean Up!

Make sure to carefully clean up your new home as the previous owner might have not done it up to your standards. You could either schedule a professional cleaning service which can be very helpful when time is tight or do it yourself if you have time.

2. Unpack the Essentials

Moving days are often very exhausting which is probably why you’ll want to start by unpacking the most important boxes for the main rooms first such as the bathroom and the bedroom.

As you’ll probably feel tired, you should assemble your bed and make sure you have all the toiletries you need. Unpack what you know you’ll need right away as you can then organize as you go afterwards.

3. Install Window treatments

Window treatments are highly important so you can get some privacy and ensure your safety. You could always get some inexpensive and temporary shades that you’ll change later on. They should be installed as soon as possible.

4. Secure Your Home

To enhance your safety, you’ll definitely need to test the smoke detectors and alarm systems. It is important to regularly change the batteries and get them tested at least twice a year. Talking about security, you should also change the locks and secure your garage doors.

5. Create a Home Maintenance Checklist

After carefully inspecting each and every room for signs of damage, you’ll be able to identify what needs to be fixed and create a checklist accordingly. For instance, inspect plumbing for leaks and check out the windows for debris.

6. Meet the Neighbours

Who says new house also says new neighbourhood. Consider introducing yourself to your neighbours. Initial introductions are not only a sign of good manners, they can also help you to learn your ways around your area.

7. Organize a Housewarming Party and Settle Down!

Got a new home? You’ll definitely want to celebrate your successful house move by inviting friends and family over for a fun get-together. This is also a good opportunity to invite the folks next door. Start making memories and settle down. It’s time to decorate the interior according to your tastes.

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