Relations between neighbours can be good and sometimes bad. It is better, however, not to let a situation escalate to the point where you thought you might have to move. Human relations are complex and sometimes fragile, but there are ways to prevent conflicts between neighbours and maintain a harmonious climate. The following blog post will give you some tips for living peacefully with your neighborhood.


Establish good relationships

This is basic advice, but it is arguably the most important. Say hello to your neighbours and take the time to talk with them, even if it’s just to tell them about the rain or shine. These few minutes invested in your neighborhood will be returned to you a hundredfold. By slowly building healthy relationships, it will be easier for you to eventually tackle more sensitive subjects such as the maintenance of a shared fence, for example.


Communication in conflict prevention

Communication is the basis of good relations between neighbours. Remember to notify your neighbours of situations that could cause them inconvenience. For example, if you are doing work, take the time to warn your neighbours that there will be traffic or that a truck will be parked in front of your home, etc. Same thing if you plan to throw a big party, a simple warning can ease a lot of tension and show that you are a caring person.


Assume your responsibilities

When you become an owner, you must assume that several responsibilities are now incumbent on you. To be a good neighbour, find out about the rules in effect in your area, and be sure to respect them. Municipal regulations address several aspects that can affect the quality of life of residents. These include, for example, appropriate noise levels, layout and maintenance of your property, home construction and renovation, etc. It is very important to inform yourself with your municipality.


Know the boundaries of your land

An up-to-date certificate of location will save you a lot of trouble by allowing you to know the exact limits of your land. In this way, you will avoid encroaching on the neighbour’s land when planning, construction or temporary installations. In addition, you can rely on a reliable document if it is rather your neighbour who is encroaching on your land.

Be patient and tolerant

Even the best neighbours can sometimes be disturbing. In these cases, it is better to show a minimum of tolerance in the face of occasional disturbances. Your neighbours will no doubt tend to reciprocate you. Also think about the consequences on the tranquility of your neighbours when you act such as the creation of new landscaping, renovations or even the acquisition of a dog. Of course, everyone has their limits, and some should not be exceeded. If your neighbour is the source of recurring inconveniences, an intervention is necessary. Try to remain benevolent and put yourself in solution mode, the situation could be resolved more easily than you would have imagined.