What renovation can add value to your property

Home renovations are a first choice solution to increase the value of your home. It’s a way of adding added value that you can enjoy now knowing that it’s an investment that can pay off when you sell it. It is still necessary to know what renovation to do to ensure the best return on investment. Indeed, projects that focus too much on the personal tastes of the occupants or that put forward flashy materials may not offer you a good percentage of financial return. The following blog post will give you information about renovations that will add value to your property.


The bathroom

It is a classic of renovation and most people give importance to this room during visits. A well-renovated bathroom tends to increase the selling price of a home. This kind of work can bring up to 90% return on your investment. Take the time to choose timeless materials that will stand the test of time.


The Windows

New windows may go unnoticed by the eye, but they can improve your home’s energy efficiency in a big way. You can count on a return on investment of more than 70% while enjoying savings on your energy bill and an immediate increased comfort.


The kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is an important room in a house. We spend a lot of time there and buyers are very attentive. The return on investment can be over 70%. It is still necessary to choose neutral materials that will age well. A garishly coloured backsplash may appeal to you in the moment, but it may be outdated after a few years or not appeal to everyone.


The basement

A renovated basement becomes a brand new living room. This place can then become a place of leisure, a space to receive or even house an additional bedroom for a teenager or visiting friends. This is once again a very good investment to increase the value of your property.


The roof

Replacing the roof may not be the most flamboyant renovation, but it is an investment that pays off. The return will be more or less important whether you choose asphalt shingles or a metal roof.


An outdoor space

Don’t neglect the exterior of your home. A new patio is an addition that buyers really like. It adds outdoor living space for those long summer days. You can expect a return on investment of around 60%.

Obviously all these ratios are only indicative and several aspects can influence the return on investment. As a general rule, choosing quality materials and neutral colours will allow you to make your investment last. Regardless of the type of work you would like to do on your property, entrusting it to professionals will give you the assurance of obtaining the best information in order to make wise choices that will have an impact on your life now as well as on your future.