You are thinking about selling your house in 2022 but you have concerns. Who wouldn’t after the past two unusual years we just got through!

Well, if you think about selling your house, 2022 is your year and here’s why. In this article we will talk about the tendencies and what you should expect in 2022 real estate market. We also decided to include a part in this text for the ones who invest in real estate or if you are looking forward to doing so for the next year.


Rising House Prices in Canada

Based on the interprovincial migration that’s still going on, compared to the short supply of houses in several regions, we predict the housing prices to rise. This trend started back in summer 2020 and it is here to stay in 2022. If you read in the newspapers or online that housing sales will slow down, I’m telling you, sellers don’t worry! It’s only the results of what I’ve mentioned up here. The increase of Canadians relocating in another region results that fewer houses are available.

What About House Prices in Ottawa?

Now that we understand the predictions of upcoming real estate trends and what influences them across the country, how does this impact our real estate market here in Ottawa? The Ottawa real estate market would remain a seller’s market with an expected five percent increase for housing prices.


Investing in Real Estate in 2022?

Real estate investment is one of the best ways to make your money grow in a market where value grows continually over time. If we look at the general situation predicted for 2022, with remote work becoming more and more a reality, people want to relocate in less populated areas.

There’s also an attractive financing now to invest in 2022. The real estate is at lower risk because you own a physical capital that will conserve his value over time. So the bank can loan at least 50% of your property’s value and more. There are way better interest rates on mortgages than margin trading, for example.


To conclude, either if you are a seller, a buyer or you want to invest in the real estate, one of the best ways to feel safe about your next move is to be properly advised by an expert who knows the region and its areas. In this industry you want to do business with a real estate agent who’s been in the industry for years and knows well the city of Ottawa. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and knowing the city of Ottawa and its neighbourhoods well, I will be able to advise you based on your needs. Contact me today and let’s see together what 2022 holds for us.